Super Rider

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Super Rider screenshot

Super Rider is an arcade game created by Venture Line in 1983. The game was licensed to Taito for distribution.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player takes the role of a biker boy who must cross a road with obstacles and a very blocky background in order to buy a present for his girlfriend. The bike is able to jump to avoid the obstacles (cans, logs, police cars, etc.). The road has many gaps that must be jumped too.

Sixty seconds are given to finish the course. After buying the present, the player is given 30 seconds plus the remaining time to cross the course again and go back home. For example, if the timer got 25 seconds when the player finished the course, then 55 seconds will be given to come back.

After this, the player will have a chance of crossing a bonus course with many money bags. Finishing the course without crashing any vehicle will be awarded with extra points. If the player manages to score 200.000 points, he or she will win a free game.