Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Walkthrough

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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New Game items[edit | edit source]

Smash ball.jpg

Smash Ball

The smash ball is an item that allows the player to perform Final Smash, the most powerful move in the game that usually causes a KO if it's used right

Ssbb goo bomb.jpg

Gooey Bomb

The Gooey bomb is an explosive encased in a gummy goo. This allows it to stick on the enemy then explodes. However it is possible to stick the bomb back on the user by touching him or passing by him.

Cracker launcher.jpg

Cracker Launcher

The cracker launcher is a fireworks gun which the player can use to launch fireworks at the enemy. The cracker launcher can also be tilted at different angles to allow the player to fire at different areas whiles standing in one place.

Banana peel.jpg

Banana peel

The banana peel is an item players can throw on the floor. If an enemy player steps on the peel he slips and falls for a short period of time.

Ssbb bumper.jpg


After the bumper is used, if a character touches the bumper they will get knocked around.

Ssbb pitfall.jpg


The Pitfall is an item from Animal Crossing. After it is thrown, it becomes a trap that causes enemy characters to fall into the ground. If the pitfall hits an enemy when thrown the character will pass through the floor.

Ssbb smoke ball.jpg

Smoke ball

When thrown the smoke ball clouds up the screen, making it hard for the player to see his character.

Ssbb franklin.jpg

Franklin Badge

When the Franklin Badge is used by a player, he will automatically reflect any projectiles fired at him.

SSBB spicy curry.jpg

Super Spicy Curry

If a player uses this item he will automatically start spitting out flames.

SSSB Golden Hammer.jpg

Golden Hammer

It's a special hammer that's more powerful than a regular hammer. It swings faster, too. Apparently it has a chance of malfunctioning and turning into the "Golden Squeaky Hammer", whatever that is.

SSBB smartbomb.jpg

Smart bomb

An item from the Star Fox series which explodes when tossed at enemies, but sometimes fail and may have delay time.

SSBB team healer.jpg

Team healer

Team healer is an item when tossed at an individual heals them if they are an allies and adds damage if they are an enemies.

SSBB dragoon.jpg


This is an Air Ride machine in which the players must collect all three parts to use. When used they player must use the wiimote to target an opponent and fire. If the shot hits the opponent it is a one-hit KO.

Subspace Army enemies[edit | edit source]

The Subspace Army are enemies in the adventure mode Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emissary.

Roader: A motorized enemy with wheels that attack in groups.

Poppant: A enemy that throws presents and candy at the player. When the player approaches them they flee

Bytan: A round enemy that multiplies when left alone.

Trowlon: An enemy that lifts up the player and flys off with them

Shaydas: A fog like enemy with a weak spot on his chest and is armed with two blades.

Greap: A enemy with two giant sickles and wheels with a weak spot on the head.

Auroros: A bird like enemy that dives at the player

The R.O.B squad: A squad of R.O.B robots that fires missiles and laser beams.