Super Strip Fighter IV

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Super Strip Fighter IV
Super Strip Fighter IV front01.png
Basic Information
Video Game
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Gameplay-Single-player.png2-player Vs.
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
April 292010
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Super Strip Fighter IV is a 2010 updated version of the erotic Fighting video game Strip Fighter 4, featuring twice as many characters as well as selectable strip combos. The Strip Fighter series is a parody of the popular fighting game series Street Fighter. Super Strip Fighter IV is the fifth game in the Strip Fighter series.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Like Super Street Fighter IV, this update of the parody game received a few character adjustments and gameplay tweaks. Instead of using 2 combo stocks to execute a strip combo, it now has its own combo gauge. In order to build up the strip combo gauge your character needs to be knocked to the ground, land a focus attack, get hit while charging a focus attack, or Focus Attack Dash Cancelling. Doing any of these things once will give you 1 letter until you can spell "STRIP". All of the second strip combos have the same input as the first.

The strength of Yuki's "Shoryuken" has been reduced substantially, however it is crazy awesome for juggling. It is now much easier to "FADC" into her strip combos, much like Ryu from street fighter IV.

Amanda's Titty Lariat technique juggles a lot better now as well as the super combo version. Her strong Boob Dash is very fast, goes nearly all the way across the screen, and the EX version provides a wall bounce. The delay for her command grab spd is almost completely gone.

You will need the Japanese language installed on the system to play this game.