Super Tennis

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This page is not about the Sega Master System game Super Tennis.
Super Tennis
SupertennisSNES boxart.jpg
Super Tennis box art
Basic Information
Video Game
Tokyo Shoseki
4-megabit Cartridge
Super NES controller(s)
Super NES
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Super Tennis is a 1991 tennis video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game itself features three different modes, Singles mode, in which you can compete against a human or chosen computer opponent, doubles mode, in which you and a human team-mate can face the cpu, or you can each pair with a CPU opponent, or even one player can pair with a CPU opponent to face two other computer opponents. Finally, Circuit mode, featuring a wide range of tours you battle through each tournament to earn yourself ranking points and aim to finish number one in the rankings. There are four minor tournaments and four major tournaments, each taking place on a different surface, Hard, Lawn or Clay.

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