Superball Arcade

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Superball Arcade
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Cheeky Monkey Software]][[Category:Cheeky Monkey Software]]
[[Cheeky Monkey Software]][[Category:Cheeky Monkey Software]]
Digital distribution
3 Button Mouse or Notebook Touchpad and Keyboard
Technical Information
5.4 (October 2005)
Main Credits
[[Felix Leung]]
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Superball Arcade is a purchasable shareware computer game for the PC first released on May 29, 2003 by Cheeky Monkey Software. The game is a sequel to the 2002 game Atomic Superball: The Chicken Edition.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is a mix of several arcade game styles, such as Breakout; Arkanoid and Asteroids,[1] as well as pinball gameplay and boss battles.[1][2] In the Breakout sections, players control a paddle and must prevent a ball from touching the bottom of the screen by bouncing it back up the screen. The play area contains rows of bricks which must be destroyed by bouncing the ball against them.[3] Destroying bricks releases power-ups and prizes, which can be collected. If the paddle is hit by enemies or weapons fire it begins to overheat, forcing the player to vent it and release heat, in turn preventing the paddle from being moved for a short period.[2]

The game is known for its odd humor,[4] featuring cows and wolves falling from the top of the screen,[1] monkeys being fired from a barrel and dogs flying across the screen destroying bricks in their path.[5]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Superball Arcade received a 5-star Editor's rating from[2]

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