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WARP is a now-defunct video game developer. Founded by Japanese musician, Kenji Eno, WARP was composed of five members and was dedicated to creating interactive cinema. Their most successful series of games, the D series, featured the same lead character, Laura, and were known for their musical scores (though their games were usually panned by critics).[citation needed] Fumito Ueda, who would later go on to design Ico, once worked for WARP.

After D2, the company's last game, they changed their name to Superwarp and left the video game industry, widening their scope to network services, DVD products, and online music.[citation needed]

As of 2005, Superwarp was officially announced as retired and a new company was born by the name of From Yellow to Orange. The company is being directed by Kenji Eno and will again make video games.[citation needed]

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