Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood

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Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Kerberos Productions]][[Category:Kerberos Productions]]
[[Paradox Interactive (current)[1]
Lighthouse Interactive (former)]][[Category:Paradox Interactive (current)[1]
Lighthouse Interactive (former)]]
Sci-Fi Turn-Based Strategy Real-time tactics
Windows XP
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Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood is the expansion pack to Sword of the Stars, a turn-based strategy game for the PC released June 2007. Born of Blood was developed by Kerberos Productions and published by Lighthouse Interactive. It is notable for receiving Gamespot's first merit, the terrific voice acting merit.[2]

New technologies[edit | edit source]

The 1.4.1 version included new features such as ability to roll ships during combat. This was added because even though the orders are issued on a 2d plane, ships still move on the vertical plane to avoid collision; most of the time the computer controlled ships went beneath your ships in this case, which allowed the computer to concentrate guns on the area of the ship that barely had any heavy weapons (the bottom of the ship).

Patch history[edit | edit source]

The newest version of this expansion is 1.5.3. This was the last patch specifically intended for the Born of Blood expansion, as a second expansion, called A Murder of Crows, was launched in October 2008.

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