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TX-1 is a 1983 racing arcade video game developed by Tatsumi.[1] It was licensed to Namco,[2] who in turn licensed it to Atari for release in the United States,[2] thus the game is considered a successor to Pole Position II.[2] It was also released in the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe via Atari Ireland.

TX-1 placed a greater emphasis on realistic simulation racing than previous games in the genre, with details such as forcing players to brake or downshift the gear during corners to avoid the risk of losing control, and let go of the accelerator when going into a skid in order to regain control of the steering. It was also the first car driving game to use force feedback technology, which caused the steering wheel to vibrate, and the game also featured a unique three-screen arcade display for a more three-dimensional perspective of the track. It also introduced nonlinear gameplay by allowing players to choose which path to drive through after each checkpoint, eventually leading to one of eight possible final destinations.[2]

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