Ta•o Taido

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Ta•o Taido
Arcade flyer of Tao Taido.
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Video System]][[Category:Video System]]
[[Video System]][[Category:Video System]]
2D Versus Fighting
320 x 224 pixels (Vertical), 2048 colors, 60.00 Hz
8-way joystick, 3 buttons
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Ta•o Taido (タオ体道?) is a 1993 fighting arcade game developed and published by Video System, which was the only fighting game they ever created. It was created during the fighting game trend of the 1990s that began with Capcom's Street Fighter II.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game takes place on Earth, where eight martial artists from around the planet compete against each other to fight and defeat the legendary master and reveal the secrets of Ta•o Taido. The game appears to be similar to other 2D versus fighting games during its release, but is very different compared to one. The player's character fights against his or her opponent in single round matches in a single player tournament mode with the computer or against another human player, while using very simplistic commands that summon charging attacks. Players press and hold two out of three buttons down to charge up, then move the joystick toward a direction to perform an attack. The longer the players hold two buttons down, the more powerful and longer the attack gets and lasts; however, there are three levels of energy, and after the third and highest charge, it returns to the first and lowest charge. Low charges create weak moves, medium charges create medium moves, and high charges create strong attacks. Both players have 3 levels of health in each round, instead of one like in most other fighting games. Tao Taido also has a cooperative 2-player feature similar to the ones in SNK's Street Smart and Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. The controls can be switched to what most other fighting games have.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Players have a character roster of eight fighters to choose from, and one unplayable boss. Each with their own unique fighting style and special techniques.

Boss[edit | edit source]

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