Taito Power Goal

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Taito Power Goal
Basic Information
Video Game
Association Football
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Tatio Power Goal (aka Taito Cup Finals and Hat Trick Hero 95 in the USA and Japan) is a side scrolling arcade soccer game released by Taito in 1994. It features digitised players, referees, cameramen and a streaker.

The game was ported to the Sega Saturn as Hat Trick Hero S towards the end of the consoles life, albeit only in Japan.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Like most arcade soccer games, the gameplay is very fast with little planning for tactics or positioning. The player picks an international team and nominates a "star player" or "Captain". Every team has seemingly the same ability as one another but the star player on each team is slightly quicker, has a more powerful shot and different appearance to the rest of the team.

Players can tackle for the ball in various ways, such as sliding, performing a flying kick on an opponent, sweeping the legs of another player and even slamming them to the floor. The referee is very lenient in calling fouls (but when he does it usually results in a card) and can even be knocked out himself for a few seconds, either by hitting him with the ball or tackling him.

Depending on how many credits the player uses in one game, your team is able to perform a special move. The special moves are selected when the ball goes out of play and range from speed increases to "Hyper Shot" which sets the ball on fire and pushes the goalie into the net if he attempts to save it.

Once you have won your 3 initial games you are able to change your teams kit colours (your team then becomes known as "personal").

On occasion, a streaker or a dog will interrupt the game and run onto the pitch when the ball goes out of play, adding to the humour of the whole game.