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Basic Information
Video Game
Keyboard, mouse
Microsoft Windows
Technical Information
4.92 (February 11, 2010)
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Talesweaver is a Korean online game created by "Softmax". The game plot is based on the Children of the Rune, a Korean novel. It is currently kept in Nexon. It is a game that has 8 episodes and 1 character unique to Talesweaver (compared to 4Leaf, where most of the playable characters came from). Talesweaver currently has a server in Korea, Taiwan and Japan. A main Chinese server was created but taken down, and had been set up again in summer 2007 by TianCity. Around 2008, Hangame deployed their own Talesweaver server under Nexon as a Japanese server.

The game is set in a fictional kingdom called Anomarad. There are four major cities that the player can travel to: Narvik, Laydia, Clad and Kaul. Other major cities have been added in Episode 2, such as Keltica, Eltivo and Cardiff.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Episode 1 Characters:

  1. Boris Jinneman – The main character of the original novel part 1("Children of the Rune-Winterer"). Friend and bodyguard of Lucian. Goes on an adventure for revenge for the death of his father and his brother. In the novel, he is one of the nearest approached character about things and some ability of Ganapoly, ancient magic kingdom. In the game, ability about sword remains as advantage of the Multi-slash.
  2. Lucian Kaltz – Adventurer, friend of Boris, and gained his name from his grandfather, Lankranz Kaltz.
  3. Sivelin Uoo – Lost his memory five years ago. To gain his lost memories back, he goes to find the Dark Knight. His primary weapons are spears and poles.
  4. Nayatrei – The last survivor of her tribe. She follows Sivelin as he saves her life. She uses ninja techniques, and her weapons are daggers, knives and axes. In the novel, her tribe is called the myojok (literally cat race), and is said to be related to Ganapoly.
  5. Ispin Charles – A recruit of Shadow and Ash guild. She is actually a princess of Orlanne. She uses various one-handed swords. Her full name is Charlotte Beatrice de Orlanne.
  6. Maximin Liebkne – A mercenary of the Shadow & Ash guild. Although he doesn't want to, because of pressure about debt he Areluctantly partners with Ispin.
  7. Mila Nebraska – Captain of a pirate group called the Red Shooters. She uses her whip to attack her enemies.
  8. Tichiel Juspian – Born from a magician family and has incredible luck due to her beheld treasure. She is very pure and naive. She uses wands, rods and maces.

Episode 2 Characters:

  1. Joshua Von Arnim - Son of a duke (Franz Von Arnim) from Keltica. He's also known as "Demonic" because of his unusual geniusness. He is the main character of the parallel novel, Children of the Rune part 2 -- Demonic.
  2. Cloe Da Pontina- Daughter of duke Fontina from Keltica. Renowned for being perfect in every aspect among the nobles.
  3. Lanziee Rozen Kranz - A republican (or an advocate of a republic) from Keltica, the capital city of Anomarad. His primary weapon is pistols.
  4. Anais Del Caril

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Talesweaver is a 2-D MMORPG, with a viewing angle of about 60 degrees. Skills are "leveled up" by using experience points, rather than skill points. All skills use MP, and buff skills along with the more powerful skills use a number called Environmental Points. Environmental points are shared along every character nearby each other, and have a default of 999. Environmental points regenerate faster than MP, with almost a 10 to 1 ratio.

Item Shop[edit | edit source]

The Japanese and Korean games both feature an item shop run by Nexon to bring in additional revenue (and in the case of Korea the item shop is the only source of revenue, except for advertisements).

The item shop like any other free to play MMORPG features special items and items that may not be available ingame to regular users and items of convenience.

External links[edit | edit source]

Many servers can be found for talesweaver:

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