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Talk:Dino Crisis 2

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Storyline Analysis[edit source]

Apparently, after the first incident in Borginia (another spelling is given in Dino Crisis 2) involving Dr. Kirk, the humans decided that the dinosaurs were to be studied. Widespread 'Time Skewing' was carried out, with disastrous results that threatened the end of the human race when it became clear that dinosaurs and humans could not coexist. In view of these events, the military decided to transport all the dinosaurs 3 million years into the future, where they could thrive, before they were to be sent back to their own time (65 million years ago) when the third energy timegate was perfect. This was the 'Noah's Ark Plan'. However, the team that transported the dinosaurs to the future suffered another overload, and the timegate was destroyed. Thus, the team was trapped with the dinosaurs. All the survivors were killed by the dinosaurs, but their children were saved and brought to the safety of the habitat support facility where they were kept in life support chambers, which protected them and allowed for growth and learning. The children learned how to survive around dinosaurs, and because of the nature of the 'Noah's Ark Plan', they were thought to protect the dinosaurs. Somehow through the teaching, they lost the ability to speak. These children are the mysterious helmet-wearing teenagers Regina and Dylan encounter throughout the game.

Apparently, one of the members of the team that came to the future was Dylan himself, older. His daughter, Paula, is the blonde haired mystery girl.

It appears that Edward City had, in the overloading incident, been transported to this future where Paula is. --Some guy