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Heavenly Sword - Pros and Cons[edit source]

First of all Heavenly Sword is extremely underrated. Its not a game that will help the ps3 sales but its definitely one of the best next gen action along with ninja gaiden sigma.

Pros[edit source]

If you love movies (who doesnt) you will love this game because the cutscenes and voice acting are amazing. I've never seen better facial expressions in any other game. The fighting is great with lots of ingame cinematics. Boss fights are brilliant. The way you control what ever you threw or shot is brilliant. Its nice they actually gave you a choice between the six axis and the analog stick. Playing with Kai is a blast and very refreshing.

Cons[edit source]

The Game is extremely short. Lack of weapons. (only the heavenly sword but then again the whole story revolves around the sword). Not a challening game although some boss fights can get pretty hard. The loading time when you load a game or continue after u are defeated is annoyingly long.

So there you have it the pros and cons.

In my opinion this is a must buy game. (I'm and action freak)

However it depends if you are the type of person who likes to move on after beating a game or not.

Definitely worth playing.

by Smithering