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Oh Gunpei, this game is terrible. The random battle frequency itself is enough to kill it, not to mention difficulty moving around in the game world. One time I rented Quest 64 and put all the cheats on my Gameshark to turn off random battles and get all the stats I'd need for bosses; and it still wasn't fun. If there's a plot, I must have missed it. --Mirkon

This game was the last straw for me and the N64. Not to say that the N64 was bad it was just a continual renting and buying of crappy games that wore me down. There literally was a point that I looked at the screen and asked myself what the hell I was doing. I'd just seen or played Final Fantasy 7 and got a hold of a PlayStation as fast as I could. Sorry for continuing the bashing. This page was just a flashback to that game that did it for me. -- Porphyria Plan

Oh, come now... This game was bad, but that's hardly a reason to ditch the N64. Every console has its stinkers. The Bouncer, anyone? XD --JSC 15:43, 5 August 2006 (PDT)

Am I practically the only one here that loved this game, despite its obvious flaws? I mean, it did have a fun level up system, training your stats instead of relying on piss-poor levels up(statistic-wise). You know, like the first Shining Force or sometimes in Pokemon with Rare Candies. Anyway, it wasn't perfect, but it was unique, the spells weren't constant copies of other ones(of other rpgs, that is), and it's battle system actually required effort to work with. Yet it wasn't Hack Slash or just simply "click and watch", if you will on the last one. The lack of cutscenes(save its ending) slightly hurt, but the game wasn't bogged down with annoying unskippable ones. Could've used a bit more story, I admit, but it wasn't required to play, but interesting enough to find out, if only by Shannon herself. Hydronix 08:46, February 15, 2011 (UTC)