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Team6 Game Studios
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Ronnie Nelis
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Team6 Game Studios B.V. is a privately owned game studio located in Assen, The Netherlands. The actual game studio was founded in 2001 as a privately held company and initially developed several games under a different company name and then decided to change this to "Team6 Game Studios" in 2003. The company has developed more than 80 games until 2017 and the majority of its titles are racing games although other genres like action-shooters, jump & run games and casual games are also presented in its portfolio.

Team6 Game Studios first expanded its development of games with support for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS and later on added PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mobile game development for Android & iOS to its existing PC development capability. Team6 Game Studios primarily develops games for other companies but is working on proprietary titles since 2016..

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