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TeamTNT is a group of mappers who created the TNT: Evilution episode of Final Doom, as well as several free level packs and developer resources for Doom II. TeamTNT is responsible for development of the BOOM[1] and Boom-DM Engines used by many level designers during the height of Doom wad-making in the 90s before the rise to predominance of the ZDoom engine which features BOOM support. The advantages that the BOOM Engine gave designers over the Doom engine mainly concerned the removal of dimension limits and other limits from the level specifications and physics of the game.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

TeamTNT developed in late 1994 and early 1995 from the highly active doom-editing mailing list.[3][4] TeamTNT originally formed as a two-group entity: the Alpha group whose concerns centered primarily on level design and mod work employing pre-existing Doom II resources as developed by the original id software team, and the Beta group who would be focused more closely on partial and total conversions including sprite changes.[3] The Beta team dissolved shortly after the official formation of The TeamTNT Trust, the legal entity which dealt with id software during negotiations concerning Final Doom.[3] As of February 1995 team membership numbered at 104 members (including all former members of the doom-editing mailing list), however during the next few years membership declined and fluctuated such that as of 1999, membership ranged from 35-40 members with as many as an additional 40 former and inactive members still listed on official member lists.[5]

TNT website administrator Ty Halderman now maintains the /idgames archives.[6] Paul Fleschute broke his "Ultimate Invasion" project away from TeamTNT.[7] The project is no longer being worked on. A number of TeamTNT members are also involved with the LUC project (a game being developed by Suspension Software based on the Quake II engine).[7][5]

Free level packs[edit | edit source]

  • Mar. 1996: Icarus: Alien Vanguard (32-level solo-play level pack initially entitled TNT2)[8]
  • Aug. 1996: Bloodlands (32-level multiplayer Doom DM)[9]
  • Dec. 1996: Grievance (32-level multiplayer Doom DM)[10]
  • Oct. 1997: Pursuit (32-level multiplayer Doom DM)[11]
  • Nov. 1997: Eternal Doom [1-3] (34-level solo-play level pack created by TeamTNT and Team Eternal [from the CompuServe forums], which later joined TeamTNT)[12]
  • Jun. 1998: Eternal Deathmatch (multiplayer Doom DM run through the Eternal Shell)
  • Feb. 1999: Reclamation (32-level multiplayer Doom DM)[13]
  • Oct. 1999 (first initiated): The Return (ongoing TeamTNT public contribution project; collection of single maps for solo- or multiplay, 7 of which were created by TeamTNT)[14]
  • Dec. 2003: Daedalus: Alien Defense[15] (32-level solo-play level pack previously released in early 7-map form as Doom2000 at 12:01AM Jan 01, 2000[16])
  • Jan. 2008: Eternal Doom IV: Return From Oblivion[17] (32-level solo-play megawad developed by Team Eternal and TeamTNT intended as a sequel to Eternal Doom 3). It is currently a 7 level demo with future plans to be turned into a full 32 level megawad

Future projects[edit | edit source]

Some work has also been done by TeamTNT on the following projects. Many have been greatly delayed by the splitting up of the TeamTNT group, a lack of modders/coders/etc and a general lack of time/interest.

  • Doom Revisited (32-level solo-play level pack attempting to recreate the feel of the original Doom/Doom2 series)[16]
  • Eternally New (32-level multiplayer Doom DM run through the Eternal Shell focusing on cooperative play)[16]
  • PuzzleWorld (solo-play level pack focusing on puzzles)[16]
  • Ragnarok: The Search For Aasgard (and Ragnarok DM)[18] (a total conversion awaiting development of the Open Gaming Resource Engine [OGRE])
  • Open Gaming Resource Engine [OGRE][1] (a source merger project between BOOM, WinDoom, and DOSDoom among others. Note: this is not related to the non-TeamTNT OGRE Engine.)

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