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Team Silent is a fan-given label for the internal Konami development staff responsible for the first four games in the Silent Hill franchise by Konami (1999-2004), with later titles developed by external Western developers such as Climax Group and Double Helix Games.

Key members of Team Silent include:

Akira Yamaoka played a major role in the Silent Hill film adaptation by overseeing and approving specific aspects of the movie throughout its production.

Team Silent members are now working on separate projects. Some of the original members (as led by Toyama, director of the first Silent Hill game) went on to create the Siren series, which has a similar atmosphere to the Silent Hill franchise.

The term "Team Silent" was coined after it was displayed at the end of the Silent Hill 2 trailer shown at E3 2001. This is the only official reference to the term "Team Silent".

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  1. Masahiro Ito (14 April 2010). Nobu bbs: scenario writers. Retrieved on 14 April 2010 “The first SILENT HILL is Keiichiro Toyama's original scenario. But Hiroyuki Owaku had charge of that riddle part.”

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