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Basic Information
2′00″ (0.6m)
19.4 lbs. (8.8kg)
Pickup / Quick Feet
Evolutionary Information
Evolves to...
Ursaring(lv. 30)
50% male, 50% female
Sharp Claw Pokémon
Pokémon Gold and Silver

Teddiursa(ヒメグマ, Himeguma in original Japanese language versions) is one of the 493 fictional species of Pokémon from the Pokémon Franchise – a series of video games, anime, manga, books, trading cards and other media created by Satoshi Tajiri.

The purpose of Teddiursa in the games, anime and manga, as with all other Pokémon, is to battle both wild Pokémon, untamed creatures encountered while the player passes through various environments, and tamed Pokémon owned by Pokémon trainers.

Teddiursa is one of the only two Ursine Pokémon, it being the smaller of the two, and the other being its evolved form Ursaring.

Teddiursa's English name consists of two parts, both of which refer to bears. Teddi- is a reference to the cuddly teddy bear toy, whose name derives from U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Ursa is Latin for "bear", as seen in the names of the two bear-shaped constellations, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Teddiursa has also a crescent moon mark on its forehead. The Japanese name Himeguma may be a portmanteau of the Japanese words for princess (姫, hime?), as a reference to Kaguya-hime of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and bear (熊, kuma).

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Teddiursa is an omnivore, but in normal circumstances, its diet almost exclusively consists of honey.[1] The honey often dries on their paws, so that they pose in an adorable manner as they put their paws and claws into their mouths to lick the honey off. In this, a Teddiursa may sometimes forms a symbiotic relationship with a Beedrill or Combee Hive.

Teddiursa have a crescent mark on their forehead, which grows (both in thickness and in circumference) as the Pokémon ages. Once the crescent fully closes into a circle, the Teddiursa is ready to evolve into an Ursaring.

Teddiursa are also scatter-hoarders like squirrels, in that they store nuts and berries in multiple hidden locations. Also like squirrels, they tend to forget where they have stashed their nuts, and in that way promote seed proliferation.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Wild Teddiursa can be obtained only from nine games. In Pokémon Gold it can be obtained at the south of Blackthorn City, the last area the player can access in the Johto region, in Pokémon Crystal, it can be found inside the dark cave, and in Pokémon Emerald, Teddiursa can be obtained at the new area of the Safari Zone opened after the player defeats the Elite Four. In Pokémon Silver, Teddiursa must be traded with Pokémon Gold and Crystal via link cable. Teddiursa is the first Pokémon that can be caught in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, as it can be snagged from Spy Naps. Since the battle is a tutorial on snagging Pokémon, the Teddiursa is technically snagged automatically. Teddiursa can be found in Diamond and Pearl along Route 211 and at Wisdom Lake when a Pokémon Emerald cart is in the GBA slot. Additionally,Teddiursa can join your Rescue Team (party) in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue.

Teddiursa's stats are low across the board, with the exception of its moderately high Attack. Its evolved form Ursaring is generally preferred in battle. It can be evolved into Ursaring in level 30.

Anime[edit | edit source]

In the anime, Teddiursa typically show up as one of the 'cute' Pokémon that little girls like to train, but is best known as one of the false Pokémon that Molly Hale wishes up in Pokémon 3: The Movie - Spell of the Unown|Pokémon: The Movie 3. Unlike a normal Teddiursa, this Pokémon was fast and strong, much more powerful than a normal Pokémon; it could not be defeated, but only fought to a standstill, in order to buy time for Ash Ketchum.Then in the credits, Molly Hale is shown with a real teddiursa.

A real Teddiursa later appears in the episode "UnBEARable," where a Teddiursa takes advantage of Ash and Friends by acting cute, eating all the food and blaming it on someone else, usually one of Ash's Pokémon. When they saw through its act, it battled Ash but was defeated. It then evolved into Ursaring and could no longer act cute to take advantage of people.

Teddiursa also appears a couple of times on Pokémon Chronicles with the Pichu Brothers.

Teddiursa appears in an episode where Team Rocket dresses it up as a Spinda in order to capture a lucky Spinda. Unfortunately for Team Rocket, it angered an Ursaring that raised it.

During Pokémon 4Ever, a Teddiursa and an Ursaring help Ash and co. find the Lake of Life, which plays a major part in the movie.

Manga[edit | edit source]

In the Pokémon Special manga Volume 8, Gold helps Kurt's granddaughter catch a Teddiursa for giving him food.

Trading Card game[edit | edit source]

Teddiursa in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Teddiursa has been unpopular in the TCG, and has made only three appearances as a basic normal type pokémon in the following expansions:

  • Neo Discovery
  • Skyridge
  • EX: Unseen Forces

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