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{{Fair use}} is used to tag copyrighted images which are used to document certain things.


{{Fair use|Fair use type}}
  • Fair use type is a fair use category that the image falls under, current ones are:
    • film-poster: For scans/captures of game or video game-related film posters.
    • film-screenshot: For screenshots of game or video game-related films and movies.
    • magazine-cover: For scans/captures of gaming and video gaming magazine covers.
    • tv-screenshot: For screenshots of game-related television programs.
    • video-screenshot: For screenshots of other types of game-related video content.
    • game-screenshot: For screenshots of games and video games.
    • software-screenshot: For screenshots of non-video game-related software.
    • merchandise-image: For images of video game-related merchandise.
    • dvd-cover: For scans/captures of DVD box covers.
    • disc-cover: For scans/captures of MiniCDs, CDs, DVDs, DVD-ROMs, HD-DVDs, Blu-rays or BD-ROMs. Also includes derivatives such as discs used in video game consoles.
    • media-cover: For scans/captures of Cartridges, or other such forms of physical gaming media, including consumable media.
    • game-cover: For scans/captures of game and video game covers and cover art.
    • book: For scans/captures of the covers of game or video game-related books, or pages and/or illustrations from aforementioned book(s).
    • character: For character artwork. (Headshots, screenshots, or generally any type of capture which certifiably singles out a single character or characters).
    • rating: For rating and classification images.
    • flag: For Flag images of nations, organizations and dependent territories, real or fictitious.
    • logo: For logos.
    • user-logo: For logos for explicit use on user pages.
    • hardware: For images of hardware, such as consoles and technology relevant to gaming.
    • geographical: For image or depictions of geographical locations.
  • If you do not specify a category it will default to a generic Fair use description for all things which do not fit within the categories but are fair use.

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