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Usage[edit source]

old[edit source]

Used for things in which their copyright has expired.

user[edit source]

Used for things which a user has uploaded somewhere and released into the public domain
  • Username is the username of the person who uploaded the file.
  • Interwiki is optional, it specifies the interwiki of the site to link to the userpage on if the file was originally uploaded to another MediaWiki site.

author[edit source]

Used for things which someone, who doesn't not have an account on a wiki Wiki has established interwiki links with, has released to the public domain

openclipart[edit source]

Used for images from the Open Clip Art Library.
  • Url is optional, it specifies the url of the original image but it is recommended to use this option if possible.

self[edit source]

Used for things which you have created and are releasing into the public domain.

release[edit source]

Used for things which have already or are being released into the public domain.

(default)[edit source]

The default message is just a simple notification that the image is in the public domain. In all cases where possible a specific message should be used or added to the template.