Thayer's Quest

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Thayer's Quest
Basic Information
Video Game
RDI Video Systems
RDI Video Systems
Interactive fiction
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Thayer's Quest is a laserdisc arcade videogame released in 1984. It uses a chiclet-style keyboard as its controller input, a rarity among arcade machines.

Story[edit | edit source]

Thayer is an apprentice magician on a quest to recover the five magical relics that make up the Hand of Quoid ("kwod") before the evil wizard Sorsabal can find them and cement his rule over the five kingdoms. During the game, Thayer only visits three of the kingdoms and finds their relics.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game was fully animated like Dragon's Lair but required more than simply choosing when to fight or which way to dodge in accordance with the animation. Instead the player had full control over Thayer's movement to different areas and was required to find and use a variety of magical objects to overcome enemies and obstacles like in most later graphic adventure games.

Notes[edit | edit source]

A sequel to this game was being developed, but RDI Video Systems went bankrupt before it was completed. It was eventually completed years later and released as the sequel to the first game, renamed Kingdom: The Lost Reaches, for home computers and CD-based consoles, with the sequel called Kingdom 2: Shadoan.

As the player was able to enter text in the game that was also spoken through 8-bit voice synthesis, this game was banned in certain arcades and regions due to many parents complaints about children entering obscenities that were spoken by the machine.