The Chaos Engine

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The Chaos Engine
Chaos engine boxart.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
The Bitmap Brothers
Renegade Software, Spectrum Holobyte
Third-person Shooter
Floppy diskCD-ROMCartridge
Keyboard, Controller
Amiga, Amiga CD32, Atari ST, Acorn Archimedes, Microsoft Windows, Mega Drive, Sega Master System, SNES and Game Boy Advance
Retail Features
Play Information
Main Credits
Simon Knight and Eric Matthews
European Union European Release Date(s)
March 1994
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The Chaos Engine (released as Soldiers of Fortune in the U.S.) is a third-person shooter game created by U.K. developers The Bitmap Brothers. It is designed to be played by two people playing co-operatively. However there is a one player mode where a computer controlled ally acts as the second player.

Story[edit | edit source]

Gentleman and Brigand kicking ass.

Taken from the start of the game:
Sometime in the last century, an experimenter with time, space and early computers created a bizarre machine. Although primitive, the machine became incredibly powerful and turned against its creator. Its power to corrupt time and matter was out of control. A cloud of chaos descended over all the lands. Humans and animals were turned into ravenous beasts. Enter six hard nailed mercenaries for hire.

The machine that was created is (you guessed it) the Chaos Engine. It's creator is crazy inventor Baron Fortesque, who has been imprisoned by his own machine. That's where you come in. You must shoot through 16 levels of enemy and puzzle filled awesomeness, destroy the Chaos Engine and find Baron Fortesque.

Characters[edit | edit source]

There are 6 different playable characters to choose from, each with strengths and weaknesses. Each character has their own distinct gun and special moves. You have £6,000 to spend on both characters, and you get to keep any left over money.

Mercenary[edit | edit source]

A good all-rounder. He is quite mad and enjoys nothing more than experimenting with a collection of unsavory weapons.

  • Price: £2,750.
  • Weapon: Gatling.
  • Starting Special: Bomb.
  • Available Specials: Ground Mine, First Aid.

Brigand[edit | edit source]

Another well rounded talent and a cut throat bandit to boot.

  • Price: £2,750.
  • Weapon: Rifle.
  • Starting Special: Shot Burst.
  • Available Specials: Molotov, Distract Monster.

Gentleman[edit | edit source]

A lean and clever character. He is a dapper chap without a doubt. What he lacks in muscle he makes up with wit.

  • Price: £2,500.
  • Weapon: Flamer.
  • Starting Special: Map.
  • Available Specials: Distract Monster, Repel Monster, Party Power.

Navvie[edit | edit source]

The strongest of the six characters. A good fighter with heavy weapons. Although he only has a few specials they are very destructive.

  • Price: £3,000.
  • Weapon: Cannon.
  • Starting Special: Dynamite.
  • Available Specials: Shot Burst.

Thug[edit | edit source]

When it comes to characteristics he could pass for the Navvie's brother. The Thug is a mammoth of a man, a little stupid but very powerful.

  • Price: £3,000.
  • Weapon: Shotgun.
  • Starting Special: Molotov.
  • Available Specials: Air Burst.

Preacher[edit | edit source]

The smartest of the six characters but then, he has God on his side. Beware, his perverse nature is not to be trusted.

  • Price: £2,500.
  • Weapon: Lightning.
  • Starting Special: First Aid.
  • Available Specials: Map, Shield, Freeze Monster.

Note: The Preacher was renamed as the Scientist for Soldiers of Fortune (the American version) as they were worried about complaints from those in the bible belt.

Levels[edit | edit source]

There are 4 different worlds, with each world comprising of 4 levels. After every 2 levels you can visit the shop to buy upgrades for your character using the gold you've accumulated. At the end of each world you get a save code.

The Forest[edit | edit source]

  1. The Beginning
  2. Mud Rivers
  3. Rings
  4. Rockies

The Workshops[edit | edit source]

  1. Maze
  2. Traps
  3. Steam
  4. Quarters
Things start heating up in Fortesque Mansion.

Fortesque Mansion[edit | edit source]

  1. The Pits
  2. Confusion
  3. Reverse
  4. Way Out

The Cellars[edit | edit source]

  1. Sewer
  2. Pump Room
  3. Hall of Machines
  4. Time for Chaos

Shop[edit | edit source]

The shop is an invaluable tool for keeping your character tooled up.

  • Extra Life (500)
  • Skill (300) - increase your skill and you will unlock new specials and increase your max health, speed and wisdom.
  • Health (75)
  • Speed (250)
  • Wisdom (80)
  • Complete Training (variable, usually a combination of skill, health, speed or wisdom)
  • Weapon power-up (250)
  • Special power (150)

You can also buy new specials for your character as their skill level increases.

  • Shot Burst (500)
  • Air Burst (550)
  • Distract Monster (475)
  • Repel Monster (525)
  • Party Power (550)
  • Map (500)
  • Shield (550)
  • Freeze Monster (575)
  • Ground Mine (425)
  • First Aid (500)
  • Molotov (550)

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • SEGA Awards 1994 Best Action Game
  • SEGA Awards 1994 Best 3rd Party Game of the Year
  • POWERPLAY Multi Player Game of the Year

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