The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid

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The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid
Basic Information
Video Game
The Learning Company
The Learning Company
The ClueFinders
Educational, Adventure
Microsoft Windows and macOS
Retail Features
The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid
Technical Information
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
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The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid is a computer game in The Learning Company's ClueFinders series, where the ClueFinders embark on an Egyptian adventure to save the world from the forces of chaos and Alistair Loveless.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The ClueFinders are on an adventure in Egypt with Professor Botch, Alistair Loveless, and their dog, Socrates. There, at a dig site, they uncover the tomb of Peribsen, a king from the second dynasty. Joni finds a mysterious ring and tries it on her finger, but it magically latches on and can not be removed with force. Fearing embarrassment, she fails to tell Professor Botch.

Later that night, Alistair Loveless arrives at the dig site with his goons, who kidnap Professor Botch and steal several valuable artifacts. Loveless reveals his intention of unleashing the power of Set, whom it was believed Peribsen was aligned with.

The next day, the ClueFinders return to the dig to find it deserted. However, they find a mysterious scroll the thieves missed. The ClueFinders decide to take the scroll to Cairo so someone can translate it. There, they meet an antique dealer who claims to be five thousand years old. He tells them that whoever kidnapped Professor Botch wants to unleash the power of Set.

He says to stop him, they must find a mysterious place of power. The scroll has five clues that guide them towards reaching this place of power. However, the clues are written in ancient code that the antique dealer cannot read without "Cairoglyphs", ancient pottery pieces with letters inscribed on them.

Meanwhile, Alistair Loveless interrogates Professor Botch for one piece of information: the location of the ring (the one that latched onto Joni's finger). Professor Botch tries to feign ignorance, but Loveless manages to figure out the ClueFinders have the ring, and sends his minions after them.

After collecting the Cairoglyphs, the ClueFinders learn they need to take a boat south. This takes them to the mysterious Nile kingdom. The area is populated by mice who seem to be convinced that they are ancient Egyptians and spend their time building pyramids, columns, and such structures. A cat who lives in an obelisk has had gems stolen from their doors by these mice. The ClueFinders agree to retrieve the gems, in exchange for being let inside the obilisk.

Loveless' goons finally catch up with the ClueFinders, and take the ring from them. Loveless returns to the tomb, where he will begin the ceremony to summon Chaos. His goons put ancient pistons and gears in place that will cause the pyramid, long buried underground, to rise to the surface, so that Loveless will be ready to conduct the ceremony.

The ClueFinders reach the heart of the obelisk, only to discover that it is the residence of the remaining Egyptian Gods. The Gods are aware of the latest attempt to unleash Set, but are unable to act, as they exceed the height requirement to fight the forces of Chaos. This doesn't stop them from helping out, however, and each of the gods gives special powers to the ClueFinders: Horus gives Owen the power of flight; Bast grants Leslie heightened intelligence; Sobek gives Santiago extreme physical strength; and Isis grants Joni supernatural bravery (in the case of Leslie and Joni, these are simply amplifications of traits they already possessed). The powers also changes the appearance of the ClueFinders to resemble the Gods. They are transported back to the tomb, in time to see a pyramid rise out of the ground. They began to travel through it in order to rescue their professor and the world.

Meanwhile, Set rises out of the ground, but, like with so many villains, Loveless' overconfidence was his weakness. He never considered the possibility that he might not be able to "control chaos." Set has Loveless turned into a mummy and flings him and his minions down a chasm with one wave of his hand.

The ClueFinders show up and declare that they're there to stop Set. Leslie uses her intelligence to come up with a plan. Joni distracts Set, while Owen lifts Santiago into the air so he can push the pistons back in place. The pyramid collapses and Set disappears into the chasm. The ClueFinders escape with the Professor, but lose their new powers in the process, as Set has finally been defeated. All the artifacts stolen earlier returned to their proper places. The story ends with the ClueFinders and the Professor flying home on an airplane, as well as Socrates who takes on a disguise as a passenger in order to prevent from going into cargo. As they fly home, both Laptrap and Socrates express relief that they won't be seeing the now-mummified Loveless again, but little did they know, that Loveless himself has survived Set's wrath and is on the plane with them, disguised as a passenger reading a newspaper.

Voice cast[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Language Arts[edit | edit source]

Game Skill
Set in stone Reading Comprehension
Artiste Mouse Sentence Structure
Rolling Stone Builders Vocabulary
Chasm of Words Spelling

Mathematics[edit | edit source]

Game Skill
Cairo’s Best Coffee Whole Number Computation
Gorgeous Fabrics Fractions
Columns R Us Decimals
Riddle of the Sphinx Word Problems
Cheap Jeeps Multiplication

Science[edit | edit source]

Game Skill
Floats and Boats Observation and Testing
Crocodile Bridge Force, Mass and Angle

Social Studies[edit | edit source]

Game Skill
World Exports Map Reading
Map Mice Directions

Problem Solving[edit | edit source]

Game Skill
Secret Chamber Challenge Spatial Reasoning
The Palace Doors Patterns and Sequences

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