The Executioner

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The Executioner is a character from Mace: The Dark Age

Bio[edit | edit source]

A global man of mystery, known throughout the world as "The Executioner". This man lives on the pain and suffering he inflicts on others. Under the watchful eyes of the Covenant of Seven, The Executioner has formed his own empire, using every knwn torturing weapon to inflict his gruesome deeds in his own fortress known as El Katraz, only a handful of people who serve under The Executioner know of this island. Much of The Executioner's past remains in shadow, but rumors have it that The Executioner also lived a life of pain and torture. This person likes to play around with his prisoners, giving them an opportunity to escape after sunset, if they fail they'll be sent back to El Katraz for a painful, gruesome death by The Executioner himself, none successfully escaped his island as most are eating by the awaiting sharks in the very waters below. Now that the Covenant of Seven are in war with Asmodeous himself, The Executioner sees an oppertunity to go to war against Asmodeous and seize his empire for himself.

Good Ending[edit | edit source]

As The Executioner defeats Asmodeous and captures the Mace, life in the world grows ever worse with The Executioner's victory over Asmodeous as torture and killing will become the new normal in the world. With the Mace in hand, The Executioner would go on to create what is known as "The Age of Torment".

Bad Ending[edit | edit source]

The Executioner fails in his quest to take control of his own empire. He returns to his own island and unleashes a fury on to those still on the island, until he sees Asmodeous in his own dungeon. Though appreciative in his work and serving under him and would spare his life, Asmodeous he would use the power of the Mace to revive an inquisitor from the crusades to show to The Executioner how to torture and kill his victims.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Executioner's island is known as El Katraz this is a reference on the real life prison island: Alcatraz.