The Graveyard

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The Graveyard
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Tale of Tales[1]]][[Category:Tale of Tales[1]]]
[[Valve Corporation]][[Category:Valve Corporation]], [[Apple]][[Category:Apple]]
Digital Download
Keyboard, Joystick
Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone OS
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The Graveyard is a computer game developed by Belgian developer Tale of Tales in which the player assumes the role of an old lady walking through a graveyard to a bench.[2] A song begins to play, after which the player walks out of the graveyard and the game ends.[1] The only difference between the free trial and the real game is that in the real one, every time it is played there is a small chance the old lady will die.[3]

The Graveyard was nominated for the Innovation Award in the Independent Games Festival 2009 [4]

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