The Incredibles: When Danger Calls

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The Incredibles: When Danger Calls
Basic Information
Video Game
Action-adventure game
Keyboard, mouse
Windows and Mac OS X
ESRB: Everyone
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The Incredibles: When Danger Calls is a 2004 action-adventure game developed by ImaginEngine and released by THQ. When Danger Calls is a collection of 10 games and activities based on the eponymous movie.

List of Mini-Games[edit | edit source]

  • Mr. Incredible Training-help Mr. Incredible train to defeat Syndrome
  • Break into Syndrome's Lab- throw rocks at Syndrome's guards to break in
  • Dash's Prank- help Dash pull a prank on his teacher
  • Dash's Forest Race- race to Syndrome's lab to save Mr. Incredible
  • Mrs. Incredible's Kitchen Catcher-help Mrs. Incredible catch the things that Dash drops
  • Ocean Chase- guide Mrs. Incredible and the kids across the ocean to safety
  • Violet's Private Stuff- help Violet keep her personals away from Dash
  • Force Field Attack- help Violet attack the guard using her force field
  • Frozone's Fire- help Frozone put out a fire before the fire trucks come
  • The Incredibles and Frozone vs. Syndrome and Omnidroid- stop Syndrome from taking over the city and help Frozone to fight Onmidroid!

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