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In 2004, Vigilant Entertainment Company started a complete remake of the entire trilogy entitled The Journeyman Chronicles. This remake would use the Source engine and taking advantage of the modern game engine platform. Plans were to release the game in small episodes, rather than all at once. Seven pre-alpha stage screenshots and videos were released, including one trailer.

In December 2006, the project was put on hold by request of Presto Studios due to a "Copyright hold with the original license between this project and by another project." [1] However, screenshots were published on Vigilant EC's website in March 2007 [2] followed by an announcement to resume project on July 5, 2007. [3]

On October 1st 2007, Vigilant EC announced the Journeyman Chronicles will scratch all previous work and will begin a more thorough preproduction. Following that announcement founder and president of Vigilant EC, Brad Newsom, claimed that production will begin Q1 2008.

On January 12th 2008, a press release was made, showcasing a photo of the production team, environmental conceptual art, and a full feature list of what to expect in the first chapter of the game.

On October 23rd 2008, project leader Brad Newsom confirmed that the project was not sanctioned by Presto Studios and there were no discussions about the matter at the moment, but there were plans to do so.[4]

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