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The King of All Cosmos

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The King of All Cosmos

Our loveliness, with Our wonderful song making. It is beauty... such beauty...

Game Series Katamari series
First Appearance Katamari Damacy

We are pleased that an article has been created about Us. Our time in Katamari Damacy has made Us glad to be Us.

So pretty... An article... A full detailing of Our beauty...

It would be glorious...

The article must be this large, and be done in this time, young Prince!

Our Story[edit | edit source]

We were once young once, yes, once We were a child...no, more a small Us, We were...

Our father, the Emperor of the Cosmos, wished for Us to have the best, the greatest, the most. We were to live up to Our father.

We did not see many others of Our type, Our childishness dedicated to Our bettering.

We were taught of boxing, the sweet art, of the fisticuffs, the hitting and the punching. A tournament We entered, against others Our age. Beauty in motion, We were. There was the whirlwind in Our heart. Like comets, Our fists flew.

The kangaroo. He defeated Us. Our shame...he toppled Us. Our embarrassment...

Our father did not approve. So disappointed. Our trophy, Our silver medal, Our second best. Thrown in the river.

Eventually, We escaped, absconded, left. We wandered the city, Our curiosity the better of Us. Thugs were met. Fists. Fighting. Our poor pompadour, ruined beyond repair.

A queen We met then. Our royal hair, Her bread, they met as well. Happiness...love...<3. Fun We had with her that day. The frolicking and the laughter. Father did not approve. Attack him We did, with rage in Our heart.

He left then. For a time. He had found the trophy, returned with it. Treasuring it. Our achievement.

The crown, We were eventually passed. His approval, We obtained! Joy...<3. A child was later born to Us. To Our Queen and Us. In Our embrace. A young Prince. A tiny Prince. Such a small Prince.

Such joy! <3

Our First Taste Of Fame[edit | edit source]

And once...but once...possibly twice...We became drunk. On the joy of Our life!

And the stars, the wonderful stars. Twinkly. So twinkly. Sparking.

We broke them all, We did. In a frenzy of love and joy. So deep in its embrace We were. Like warm. Warmness.

The stars! So many! So bright!

All gone.

Such sadness.

The Prince! Tasked him with a goal, We did. A duty. He was to roll the ball, the Katamari, he was. To roll it to ample proportions, on the Earth! So full of things. So full. Things like trains, cars, planes, people, food, houses, toys...so many things he rolled! And We sent his Katamari into the sky, to replace the stars that were once so destroyed!

Such glory! The stars, twinkling! Shining! So happy, the people of Earth! Our fame was to begin...

Our Love Grows[edit | edit source]

We returned the stars. Our hearts, joy filled! Such happy thoughts! Fluttering!

On Earth, Our fans proclaimed to Us! More, they cried! We want to see the King! It must be bigger!

So many fans We have now. <3

Our life became devoted to Our fans. Such love they gave. Such help We gave.

We cleaned rooms, gathered cranes, found friends for animals, saved the pandas, lit fires, helped provide light for studying, pleased the old, rolled a city!

For a dog, We rolled the Sun! So much rolling... So much joy... <3

In danger! A meteor! Poor Earth. Our fans, cried out! Save us!

A Katamari, We rolled! A Katamari, so large! A Katamari, made of love!


Our fans, all safe. The world at peace.

Thus, We served Our fans. And We love them all.

An Island, Young Prince?[edit | edit source]

Exhausted we were, tired from our toils.

A vacation!

An island we went to, such an island, ours it was.

Such fun we had, frolicing! Such fun we had, dancing!

Such fun!

Disaster! A tidal wave we made, devastating neighbor isles!

A turtle drifted ashore, a turtle who told a story to us.

Paradise Commonwealth, we heard! Destructicated, we heard!

Fix it, we would! A Katamari, we rolled!

Such a Katamari, filled with such things! Islands we made of them, for our friends!

Islands we made of them! Of Katamari made on the Sunflower Continent!

Our friends we helped, our vacation over, our spirits soared!

Onward we went, to return to our duties! Duties of love!

The Future[edit | edit source]

Tales we have heard, tales to be told!

Tales of hopes!

Tales of a future where more rolling is needed! Where more rolling is done!

A wonderous future!

Next-Gen, a word we have been hearding.

Come, young Prince!

There is rolling to be done!

The King of All Cosmos We are, Our beauty neverending!

Na naaaa... nananana nanana-na, na-na-na-nanana...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Katamari games were delayed due to controversy over this character's appearance.
  • Katamari race tracks appear in Pac-Man World Rally as this character appears in the background. Throughout the race, The Future is the background music.