The Legend of Mir 3

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The Legend of Mir 3
Basic Information
Video Game
WeMade Entertainment
WeMade Entertainment
[[The Legend of Mir 2]]
Fantasy, MMO, RPG
Digital Download
Keyboard, mouse
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Retail Minimum Specifications
Operating System(s)
Windows XP
Intel-logo.svg Pentium III 800 MHz
256 MiB
Graphics RAM
32 MiB
HDD Space
4.0 GiB
56 kbit/s
South Korea South Korean Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
October 2004
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The Legend of Mir 3 (미르의 전설 3?) is a sprite based isometric 3-D massively multiplayer online role-playing video game, developed by Wemade Entertainment. It is a sequel to The Legend of Mir 2.

The game remains largely unchanged from the previous version, with the exception of the graphics being upgraded from 8-bit to 16-bit. There is also improved player customization, far larger maps, and a revamped quest system.

Like its predecessor The Legend of Mir 2, The Legend of Mir 3 is hugely popular in China and South Korea. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records for having 750,000 subscribers online simultaneously.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Warrior[edit | edit source]

The warrior is a straightforward basic class. Warrior uses 'DC' (Damage Class / Melee Attack) to kill the enemy. They have high HP (Health Points), high AC ("Armour Class" / Defence from Melee Attacks) and have very little MP (Mana Points) and low MR (Magic Resistance).

Wizard[edit | edit source]

The Wizard can be a bit tricky at first. They use magic attacks such as "Frozen Earth" or "Ice Blades". They use 'MC' (Magic Charm / Ranged Magic). They have a wide variety of elements to choose from and use on their opponents or monsters. Elemental weaknesses are key to wizards. They have area of effect attacks as well as mass attacks. Wizards have low HP (Health Points), Extremely high MP (Mana Points), High MR (Magic Resistance) but low AC (Melee Defense).

Taoist[edit | edit source]

The Taoist is a support class. Similar to a priest, the Taoist can heal and bless. Healing is one very important aspect of the game. Taoists throw talismans and poison. They focus on two key elements, Holy and Dark. They can summon pets such as the 'shinsu' or 'bone familiar', and can also resurrect the dead, a very useful skill. Taoists are considered the hardest and most complex class to level up and boss hunt with. Taoists use 'SC' (Soul Charm), which is a balance between magic and melee attacks and can be used to increase the amount of damage and skill use. Taoists have Balanced MP (Mana points) + HP (hit points) as well as Balance MR (Magic Resistance) + AC (Melee Defense).

Unlike its predecessor, Taoists are a lot more powerful, thanks to more useful magic and greater durability, i.e. they can make themselves totally invisible using a skill at level 43. This helps them to evade monsters easily, or launch surprise attacks in the Wall wars.

Assassin[edit | edit source]

A new class which was introduced in 2008 on the Korean version of The Legend of Mir 3. The Assassin class became available on the Global Server on April 23, 2009.

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