The Northern Four Adventuring Troupe (NWN)

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The Northern Four Adventuring Troupe
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Neverwinter Nights

The Northern Four is the name of a band of adventurers that have each gone on to become key citizens of the Sword Coast. Led by Nasher Alagondar, who became Lord of Neverwinter, the group also consisted of Dumal Erard, who went on to found and watch over Helm's Hold, Ophala Cheldarstorn, matron of the Moonstone Mask who was thought to be an important figure among the mages of the Many-Starred Cloak, and Kurth, who has become a High Captain of Luskan.

The band adventured together successfully for many years, and spawned many tales in their adventures around the region. One popular tale depicts the successful rescue of the Black Raven Tribe from a foul white dragon. As a symbol of gratitude from the tribe, Nasher was gifted with the noted Neverwintan Morregence as a "debt-child."

The success of the troupe eventually came to an end with a leadership struggle between Nasher and Kurth. Ophala was torn between her love for Kurth and her loyalty to Nasher, but after Kurth left, Ophala settled in Neverwinter, unwilling to compromise her hatred for Luskan and its Arcane Brotherhood; many assume that she still bears resentment against Nasher for the way things turned out. Regardless, Nasher and Erard have remained close, and Ophala still serves her Lord loyally. The same cannot be said of Kurth, who has joined forces with an army that would love nothing more than to see Neverwinter destroyed.