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The Psychotron is an adventure and puzzle solving video game developed by The Multimedia Store and published by Merit Software in 1994. It was released on the PC for the following operating systems; MS-DOS, Windows 95 and Windows 3.x.

In the game, the player has been assigned by the U.S. President and the FBI to find out a missing official science project called "The Psychotron". The Psychotron was, allegedly, developed in the USSR during the Cold War. A product of 50 years of research on manipulating the forces of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), a "Psychotronic Generator" was created, and after the fall of Soviet Union, Russia sold it to United States government. Somewhere en route to U.S.A, it vanished, and it's the player's job to find it.

The game consisted from lots of live video, and the game was mostly about interacting with the actors through a simple interface where you would choose from a list of questions, and depending on the situation, the character you're talking to would either co-operate with you and give you clues, just as well where they could become suspicious about you or in one instance, even kill you.

It's a notoriously hard game, as the clues you get might not be really that straighforward and many times could involve mathematics and physics.

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