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War of Genesis III, (Korean: 창세기전 3 (Changsegijeon three)) is a console and computer role-playing game released by Softmax in 1999. Additionally, this title is unofficially known as War of Genesis III: Part 1 to distinguish the sequel, War of Genesis III: Part 2. Part 1 contains episodes 1, 2, and 3, while Part 2 contains episodes 4, and 5. Though continuous in story, there is a time gap between the two parts that is millenias long. This article deals only with Part 1.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

War of Genesis 3 is a turn-based role-playing game with a minor element of real time strategy game. This minor real time element is called the Legion System (군단 시스템 in Korean). For example, a small number of individually uncontrollable characters surrounding the leader character is considered as one whole player, contributing a faster pace of duration for a huge scale combat for a turn-based Tactical RPG.

Now no longer in service, The War of Genesis Arena was an extra feature for The War of Genesis III: Part 2. It was a game in which players controlled one of the characters in War of Genesis III Part 1 and Part 2 to play a cooperative SRPG style game online.

World[edit | edit source]

The planet, Antaria is the main world for War of Genesis III (Part 1). There are realms; Kingdom of Pandragon and Empire of Gaysir like the prequels. Additionally, Eastern realms were introduced, Empire of Tur and Empire of Han including the Antarctic Continent, to the game's storyline. In addition, their world is based on the The war of genesis I and II, they are not as famous as III but in there, they explain basic background of the game.

Characters according to Parts of Episodes[edit | edit source]

Shivan Scimitar

  • Saladin (formerly named Philip Pandragon, the Crownprince of Kingdom of Pandragon) is the 21 year old leader of a mercenary group Shivan Scimitar. A superb fighter and tactician, he is referred to as "the rising star of Tur." He was imprisoned in Tur when he was young as result of power struggle within the royal family of Pandragon. His true intention of staying in Tur was to find his little brother, but also to drag the civil war between Tur, so that his country Pandragon can have the upper hand in war.
  • Sapi Al Din is first son of the former sultan, Schleiman V, he is a friend of Saladin and has charismatic and liberal mindset. Saladin views him like an older brother, and Sapi Al Din views Saladin as a younger brother. With Saladin's help, he is eventually successful in reclaiming the Empire of Tur.
  • Sherazard is the younger sister of Sapi Al Din who take refugee to the Church of Angra for safety. Referred to as "the Saint of Mutanabi," she is revered by the masses as someone that is willing to help those in need. She has a tendency to become too emotionally attached to certain things which eventually do her harm.
  • Marzana, Mukhafa, and Valor the Evil Eye form Shivan Scimitar.
  • Yan Zisuka is the most prominent member of the Janissaries, the only warriors in Tur allowed to wield lightsabers. An exceptionally skilled fighter, she has met Saladin in the past, and vitally influenced him (albeit unintentionally). Her name is pronounced identically to Jan Zizka, the Hussite general.

Crimson Crusade

  • The Grandduke of Beaumont is a young noble, formerly imprisoned in Tur with his brother, Philip Pandragon. His true name is John Pandragon, but he forbids everybody from calling him by his first name, telling all to refer to him as Grandduke of Beaumont. After his imprisonment at a young age, he became ruthless and vengeful, and hates Tur with a passion. His ruthless methods and beliefs, which run contrary to his handsome and boyish features, have him at odds with many nobles, and have forced many of the people that serve him to second-guess their loyalty.
  • William Locksley is main advisor to Beaumont, and believes in the ideal of a strong monarchy called Machia-Vellism from Empire of Gaysir--something Pandragon hasn't had for a while. He believes Beaumont to be the ideal ruler--cold, calculating, and decisive. He is Beaumont's staunchest supporter, but even he is sometimes shocked by the malicious intents of Beaumont. He is a friend of Machia Velli, the Gaysir politician.
  • Joel Salisbury is an old knight that has served Pandragon for his entire life, and is an expert swordsman despite his old age. Having known Beaumont before his imprisonment, he is constantly concerned about the malice of Beaumont. Often, he provides the voice of reason, but is too loyal to openly oppose Beaumont.
  • Reonardo Elfinstone is a young mage that initially sides with Beaumont, but leaves him after he realizes that Beaumont desires to be a tyrant. A skilled mage in all aspects, he possesses a secret that, if exposed, would mark him for death.
  • The Duke of Heistings, originally named William Heistings, is the leader of the anti-Beaumont section of the nobles, and one of Beaumont's chief enemy. While not a weak man, he is cornered by a dark pact that he formed with a shrouded entity, and is ultimately not ruthless enough to defeat Beaumont.
  • Viola Heistings is William's daughter, and Beaumont's former lover. She is torn between her loyalty to her father, and her still passionate love for Beaumont. Her actions ultimately decide the result of the civil war between Beaumont and Heistings.


  • Christian de Medich is a young officer in the Gayser Imperial army. Flippant and somewhat reckless, he earns tremendous trust from the empire when he subverts the "Conspiracy of Inferno," where his own brother, Albatini de Medich, attempted to assassinate Empress Christina. He is forced to kill his own brother, and is placed in the Imperial Secret Service (ISS). In his missions for the ISS, he becomes partners with Joan Kartright, and is swirled into a conspiracy beyond his imagination.
  • Joan Kartright is a former valkyrie from the northern Bifrost regions. Assigned to ISS, she becomes Christian's partner, and assists him throughout all their adventures. More grounded in philosophy than Christian, she and Christian constantly argue over following orders and other matters of the sort.
  • Richelieu is the chief advisor to Empress Christina. His real name is Machia Velli, and like the real-world counterpart, he is all for a strong head of state. He oversees the actions of ISS, and is the direct CO of Christian and Joan. Like several other characters in the game, he possesses a critical secret.
  • Albatini de Medich is Christian's older brother. A close confidant--and lover--of the Empress Christina, he shocked everyone when he attempted to assassinate the Empress at Inferno, the reason behind this action was to make his lover, Empress stronger, since she was too kind hearted. After ranting about a "revolution" and "sacrificing the petty for change," he is gunned down by Christian, his own brother. As he dies, he whispers his undying love for the Empress, leaving confusion as to his motives.
  • The Iron Mask is the enigmatic character that acquisitions the help of Christian and Joan. Not much is known in the beginning about the character, only that he is an expert fighter, is filthy rich, and commands a team of the most ridiculously overpowered individuals in the game. He is, easily, the most powerful character in the game.
  • Xian is the leader of the Cult of the Dark Prince. An extraordinarily powerful sorcerer, he is always working behind the scenes, often referring as a "greater plan."

Episode 1 : Shivan Scimitar[edit | edit source]

  • Saladin, whose real name is Philip Pandragon, leads a mercenary group called the Shivan Scimitar. He joins in the civil war going on in Tur with intentions to weaken the nation so that the Kingdom of Pandragon can take it over, but finds himself falling in love with Sherazard, the youngest daughter of Schleiman V. He abandons his intentions, but soon the weakened Empire gets invaded by the Kingdom of Pandragon. Sherazard is murdered by the Grandduke of Beaumont and Saladin goes in a deep bout of depression and rage.

Episode 2 : Crimson Crusade[edit | edit source]

  • The story follows a zealous young man, the Grandduke of Beaumont. The grandduke wields kingly power as regent, because the country's true monarch, Clauzewitz I, is currently on secret research mission. He conquers all the resistance within the Kingdom of Pandragon, overthrowing strong local aristocracy that had been characteristic of politics of Pandragon for ages (Beaumont viewed the aristocracy as reason for Pandragon's weakness in comparison to the amount of territory it controls, because the nobles wouldn't unite for a common cause). When he invades the Empire of Tur--under the declaration of "Crimson Crusade"--it is revealed that his brother, Philip Pandragon, is alive.

Episode 3 : Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

  • Christian de Medich is the main character in this episode. Christian and his partner Joan Kartright work for ISS. They investigate the Cult of the Dark Prince, which reveres the Dark Prince, former Regent of Gaysir since his father, Emperor Karl I of Gaysir, was wounded in battle with Pandragon. Along the way, they meet up with a mysterious individual who refers to himself only as "The Iron Mask." With Iron Mask's help, they find a conspiracy that will doom the world that they live in. Before that happens, the Iron Mask offers an unconventional solution, which Christian reluctantly accepts.

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