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Theme Park Inc
Theme Park Inc cover.jpg
Windows cover art for Theme Park Inc
Basic Information
Video Game
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Theme Park
Construction and management simulation
Microsoft Windows
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Theme Park Inc (also known as SimCoaster or Theme Park Manager in the United States and Australia) is the last game of the series that started with Theme Park in 1994 and continued with Theme Park World in 1999.

Theme Park Inc (as stated on their official website—currently taken down but previously accessible through the Theme Park World portal) attempts to focus more on the management part of the park than on the actual rides, as the player can no longer play sideshow games to gain golden tickets, instead, the player had to do management challenges. This, however, is contradicted in the SimCoaster Official Website which highlights the new Roller Coaster editor.

The main innovation Theme Park Inc introduced over Theme Park World was the simultaneous handling of several parks, each built to a different theme, shown on a globe reminiscent of Theme Park World. Since the themes were preset since the beginning, their diversity was limited in comparison to those available in Theme Park World; however each theme offered many new rides to be built, in addition to the Roller Coaster editor mentioned above.

In the game, the player starts as the assistant manager and has to subsequently climb their way up to the role as President. To do this, the player must complete certain objectives, challenges (from the other directors) and other challenging things.

One of the largest productions of SimCoaster was with the "Sim Mania 2" Game Set. This game set included SimCity 3000, SimTheme Park, SimCoaster, and Sid Meier's SimGolf, and was produced and distributed by Electronic Arts Inc.

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