Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
PAL region Xbox 360 cover art
Basic Information
Video Game
[[EA Sports]][[Category:EA Sports]]
[[Tiger Woods PGA Tour (series)|Tiger Woods PGA Tour]][[Category:Tiger Woods PGA Tour (series)]]
PC: Mouse, Keyboard
GameCube, PS2, Xbox, PC, Xbox 360, PSP and Mobile phone
PEGI: 3+
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 is a golf video game in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series available for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Mobile phones, and PC.

The game features several types of play, including the development of golfers in a simulated PGA Tour environment. Among other things, the game also features a set of famous courses and players. Also it includes the Stroke Play, Match Play, and Skins Play among other numerous methods of play. It also includes the Four Ball, Best Ball, and Stableford modes of play.

By being able to customize golfers and advancing that character through several stages (from amateur to pro) the game allows a high level of identification with the character. The virtual ego can be equipped with various pieces of equipment and styled according to the wishes of the player. The custom outfits are licensed and include several brands which are commonly present in professional golf, among others: Nike, Adidas, Callaway, Ping, Taylormade etc.

Reception[edit | edit source]

  • X-Play gave the Xbox 360 version a 2 out of 5.[citation needed] The game has been criticized in recent years by Xbox 360 users, since the servers for the game have now been closed by EA, none of the games' achievements are obtainable.

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