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"Power Plays" redirects here. For the series of theatrical plays by George F. Walker, see Power Plays (play). For other uses, see Power play (disambiguation).

Tom Clancy's Power Plays is a novel series created by authors Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg. Each entry in the series is written by Jerome Preisler.

Novel series[edit | edit source]

The books in Tom Clancy's Power Plays, so far:

# Title Publication date ISBN Plot Notes
1 Politika 1999 ISBN 0425162788 also made into a game for Windows as Tom Clancy's Politika
2 also made into a game for Windows as Tom Clancy's
3 Shadow Watch also made into a game for Windows as Tom Clancy's Shadow Watch
4 Bio-Strike
5 Cold War In this novel, A Up-Link Mars rover team goes "missing" in a storm. Pete Nimec is sent to oversee the search and rescue when the Antarctic base comes under attack.
6 Cutting Edge
7 Zero Hour In this novel, a radical Pakistan-based terrorist group attempts to use a powerful laser to release a deadly acid vapor cloud over New York City, using gems from Southeast Asia. There is a reference to the author in one of the conversations.
8 Wild Card In this novel, Pete Nimec is sent on a "vacation" to a resort on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. What he finds is a corrupt oil company attempting to sell oil to two of the United States' deadliest enemies: North Korea and Cuba.

Video game series[edit | edit source]

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