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An American video game music composer and minor G4 personality/host. Founder of Tommy Tallarico Studios. His father is allegedly some sort of executive at G4. In 2005, he has put together a tour called Video Games Live, where an orchestra plays video game themes to a few stage actors acting out scenes from the game.

Soundtracks[edit | edit source]

This list is incomplete, and some of the games listed he may have only dedicated some tracks to, while others he may have done the entire thing.

Tallarico has also done sound directing, sound editing, and sound design for titles such as Metroid Prime (Although uncredited), Wargames and WWE Crush Hour.

Television[edit | edit source]

On G4, Tommy Tallarico co-hosts both Judgement Day, a review show that makes less sense than X-Play, and Electric Playground, a long show to act as filler between replays of Cinematech.

On Judgement Day, Tallarico is known for giving drastically lower scores for nonsensical reasons. Many believe he does this just to anger fans of the game. For example, he has given RPG games low, low, scores for having too much text to read. Often, when he dislikes a genre in general, he will just give the game a bad score. He is also known to bring up how great the music is on the games he has worked on. On Electric Playground, he basically talks about games from 5 years ago that people should buy for cheap at EBGames.