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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4/Credits

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

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Credits for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4:

  • Designed & Developed by:
    Neversoft Entertainment
  • Neversoft THPS4 Team:
    Jon Bailey
    Ted Barber
    Brad Bulkley
    Dave Cowling
    Ralph D'Amato
    Lisa Davies
    Mike Day
    Peter Day
    Zac Drake
    Chad Findley
    Alan Flores
    Steve Ganem
    Kurt Gutierrez
    Kendall Harrison
    Jim Jagger
    Brian Jennings
    Gary Jesdanum
    Joel Jewett
    Sandy Jewett
    Henry Ji
    Garrett Jost
    Larry Liberty
    Adam Lippmann
    Dana MacKenzie
    Andy Marchal
    Ryan McMahon
    Kevin Mulhall
    Nolan Nelson
    Johnny Ow
    Chris Peacock
    Joe Pease
    Scott Pease
    Chris Rausch
    Paul Robinson
    David Rowe
    Mark L. Scott
    Aaron Skillman
    Chauwa Steel
    Darren Thorne
    Jason Uyeda
    Todd Wahoske
    Chris Ward
    Mick West
  • Additional Art, Design, and Production Work:
    Jeremy Andersen
    Aaron Cammarata
    Edwin Fong
    Christopher Glenn
    Noel Hines
    Junki Saita
  • Neversoft Thanks:
    Mike Valley
    Mat Hoffman
    Rick Thorne
    Todd Falcon
    Martin Ramos @ Kona
    Mrs. Ramos @ Kona
    Old Star Skateshop
    Skatelab (Simi Valley)
    All @ SN Systems
    Lori @ Dolby
    Kristoffer @ Dolby
    Mike Degler @ Brady
    Ken Schmidt @ Brady
    Doug Walsh
    Keith Arem @ PCB
    Mitch Soule @ RAD
    Nelson @ Sonic Fusion
    Graham Fuchs
    Stacey Ytuarte
    And those who have supported THPS3 online play!
  • Check out Todd Falcon at:
  • Published by:
    Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Executive Producer:
    Mike Ward
  • Producer:
    Stacey Drellishak
  • Associate Producer:
    Lindsey Hayes
  • Music Supervision:
    Nelson Bae
    Lori Lahman
  • Sound Effects:
    Keith Arem
    PCB Productions
  • Skateboarder Video Supervision and Editing:
    Josh Friedberg
    411 Video Productions
  • Intro Movie:
    Jenny Bright
    Spheric Productions
  • Video Compression and Editing:
    Chris Hepburn
    Kenny Ramirez
    Forward Never Straight Productions
  • Kona USA:
    Martin Ramos
  • Chicago Level Created by:
    Rainbow Studios for Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2
  • Thanks to:
    Vicente Baez
    Peter Choi
    Eric Clark
    Thomas di Cosola
    Dakota Jones
    Troy Perry
    Roman Stepanov
    Brian Westergaard
    Brian Bright
    Chip Bumgardner
  • V.O. Actors:
    Larry Cedar
    Mat Hoffman
    Jenna Jameson
    Atiba Jefferson
    Daniel Joseph
    Sean Lesure
    Tara Strong
    Rick Thorne
    Wally Wingert
    Dave Wittenberg
  • Skaters:
    Tony Hawk
    Bob Burnquist
    Steve Caballero
    Kareem Campbell
    Rune Glifberg
    Eric Koston
    Bucky Lasek
    Bam Margera
    Rodeny Mullen
    Chad Muska
    Andrew Reynolds
    Geoff Rowley
    Elissa Steamer
    Jamie Thomas
  • Activision Studios:
    E.V.P., Worldwide Studios
    Larry Goldberg
    V.P., North American Studio
    Dave Stohl
  • Activision Marketing and Brand Management:
  • EVP, Global Brand Management:
    Kathy Vrabeck
  • V.P., Global Brand Management:
    Will Kassoy
  • Director of Global Brand Management:
    David Pokress
  • Associate Brand Manager:
    Michael Chiang
  • Manager, Corporate Communications:
    Ryh-Ming C. Poon
  • Creative Services:
  • V.P., Creative Service:
    Denis Walsh
  • Manager, Creative Services:
    Jill Barry
  • Packaging Design:
  • Manual Design & Layout:
    Ignited Minds, LLC
  • Legal:
    George Rose
    Greg Deutsch
    David Kay
    Carolina Trujillo