Top Gear 2

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Top Gear 2
North American cover art of Top Gear 2 (Super NES version)
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Racing (Sports cars)
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Top Gear 2 (known as Top Racer 2 in Japan) was the sequel to the 1992 game Top Gear, released on January 1, 1993 for the Super NES, May 24, 1994 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and in 1994 for Amiga. It was developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Kemco for the Super NES and by Vic Tokai for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In this sequel, the game becomes more realistic, with a damage bar on the left side of the screen, slower cars, and the possibility to upgrade your machine. The cars become more difficult to handle and the opponents are faster and tougher than in the previous game. The new addition of weather also plays a role, forcing the player to change from dry to wet tires.

The game takes place in 16 countries including 64 cities, starting with Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). After each country is beaten, the player is given a password, which can be later used to pick the game back up from that position.

The actual gameplay is quite simple, there is a map showing which directions the upcoming turns will be, and the player is given 6 "nitro boosts" at the start, which dramatically increase the cars speed for a short period of time. On certain courses there are pickups along the road ranging from a "$" which is $1,000 cash, a "N" which is an extra "nitro boost", and a "S" which is an automatic nitro administered right when picked up and returns each lap. The other pickups can only be collected once per race.

The player has the option of either an automatic or manual gearshift, and can configure the controls as they please at the opening menu of the game.

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Reception[edit | edit source]

Nintendo Power give the game a score of 3.55 out of 5.

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