Tower Duel

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Tower Duel
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Basic Information
Video Game
Forest Ring Games
Strategy, Tower Defense
iOS and Android
Retail Features
United Nations International Release Date(s)
iOS and Android
January 312018
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Tower Duel is the debut videogame of the indie dev team Forest Ring Games. The futuristic game offers a new twist of the classic Tower Defense genre. The multiplayer game is available for iOS and Android.

Features[edit | edit source]


Challenge, clash, battle and crush players online in ranked multiplayer live games and climb the TD leaderboard in order to become a tower defence superstar. The crowded TD stadium is waiting for you! Spotlights are searching for the true heroes - the daring few, the strategic genius. Short and furious tower defense games, narrated by the famous Maxx King - the living emoji and narcissistic star of reality TV.


There are dozens of tower defence and attack unit cards in Tower Duel - collect them, upgrade them, craft the deck that suits your tower defense strategy best! No two card decks will ever be the same, due to millions of combinations of card upgrades. Never before has such deep strategic gameplay been packed into short play time esports matches.


In the future, there is no war, no crime, no politics. All disputes are solved by Tower Duel matches. Presidents are just PR suits (just like nowadays, really), all military equipment is donated to Maxx Industries and used just for tower defence multiplayer matches. The only person in power is the insane TV personality Maxx King who hosts the TD games and his superstars - Tower Duelists, esports legends, and faces on your cereal. Crush, kill and strategize your path up the TD leagues to reach the top in order to become a member of the clan of the super famous.


Join our fun and active Discord chat community, where players are having a real and deep impact on the game design and play tactics. Chat with like-minded TD duelists, explore strategy, plan, scheme, and clash with the brightest minds there are. Join our channel here: 

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