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Trace: The plundering parasite.

Trace is a Kriken, one of the most hated and feared races in the galaxy. Every Kriken, when he or she reaches a certain age, is exiled by its clan for a rite of passage. In this ritual, the youth is sent out to find a world suitable for invasion and consumption by the greedy and rapacious Krikens. Young Krikens who return having successfully found a habitat for their people are regaled as heroes, and are assured a life of power, wealth, and prestige.

Trace is currently in exile for his rite of passage, which allows him to travel the galaxy looking for planets to expand the Kriken empire. When Trace gets a telepathic call to the Tetra System, he is intrigued. He hopes the abandoned Alimbic Cluster might contain suitable worlds for Kriken invasion. He also seeks the ultimate weapon, because the more power it brings to the Krikens, the more Trace will receive.

Trace is from the Kriken Empire, not to be confused with Krikkit, the planet whose sky is the dullest sight in the universe. He first appears in Metroid Prime: Hunters.

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