Trevor Belmont

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Trevor Belmont


Game Series Castlevania series
First Appearance Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Vampire Killer whip

Trevor Belmont is the protagonist of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse for the Nintendo Entertainment System and a supporting character in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for the Playstation 2. In the current timeline he is the second Belmont to oppose Dracula.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse[edit | edit source]

Consumed with a desire for revenge after the wrongful death of his wife Lisa, Dracula sets out to wipe humanity from the face of the earth. With legions of monsters and other demons threatening to tear them to shreds, the people of Romania are forced to call upon the Belmont family for help. The Belmonts had been banished before because people feared their "super human" abilites. However, the Belmonts do not hold any grudge and Trevor comes to the aid of the people.

Making his way across the countryside, Trevor encounters others who want to destroy Dracula. He first meets Grant Danasty, a former pirate that Trevor frees from Dracula's control. He then encounters Sypha Belnades, a young priestess that had been turned to stone by one of Dracula's monsters. Finally, he meets Adrian Tepes, Dracula's own son. Adrian, better known to the world as Alucard, waited for Trevor in the crypts of his father's castle to test the Belmont's strength. After seeing that Trevor was indeed powerful, Alucard explained that he no longer agreed with his father's evil ways and wished to put a stop to them. Together with his newfound allies, Trevor made his way to Dracula's keep and there managed to slay the Count for the first time. After Dracula's defeat, Alucard put himself into what he planned to be an eternal sleep, overcome with guilt over having killed his own father. Grant took charge of the efforts to reconstruct the parts of Wallachia that were destroyed by Dracula's minions. Trevor and Sypha would soon get married and start a family.

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness[edit | edit source]

Three years after Dracula's defeat the Count's terrible curse is still haunting the good people. Trevor begins to hear rumors that there are those that want to resurrect Dracula. He quickly heads to the old castle to investigate these rumors. There he meets the former Devil Forgemaster Hector. After a brief battle between them, Trevor goes off to investigate more on his own. He later encounters Hector again after a fight with another Devil Forgemaster, Issac. After Issac flees, Trevor uses his own blood to open the way for Hector to pursue him. However, it is a trap. Issac uses Hector to undo the last seal binding Dracula's castle and then appears behind Trevor, stabbing him in the back. Issac's sister Julia finds the dying Trevor and uses her healing arts to save his life. Meanwhile Hector makes his way into Dracula's abode. There he finds the Count and manages to defeat him in a battle to the death.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Trevor is like many of the other Belmonts. He attacks primarily with the Vampire Killer whip but can also use subweapons like the ax, cross, clock, dagger, and holy water.  However in curse of darkness, in addition to Trevor's whip attack, Trevor has additional combat moves that add to his already formidable array of combat skills:  

Left Hand Punch:  In almost all castlevania games, a belmont is featured using a vampire killer whip in his/her right hand.  So it is nice to see a belmont using his left hand as an attack for a change.  Trevor's left hand punch is a devastating move, that can do massive damage to any enemy and even stun enormous sized bosses such as the Giant Minotaur in the Forest Of Jigramunt and even Dracula himself.  Trevor's punch is equally as effective against smaller sized bosses such as Isaac, making this attack move a quick and deadly alternative to the whip.  Trevor's punch is unleashed after a player performs Trevor's whip attack, and can be used as a stand alone attack or in a combination of physical attacks.    

Spinning Double Kick:  Trevor's double kick is a set up move, designed to be a precursor to his spinning whip attack, rapid kick attack, uppercut slash, spiral attack (vertical), midair triple whip attack, and windmill drop (see all below). Trevor's double kick does good damage to any creature and boss, and further reduces an enemy's ability to counter attack.  This double kick attack move is unleashed after a player performs Trevor's left hand punch attack move, it can be used as a stand alone attack or in a combination.  It also looks really cool.

Spinning Whip Attack:  Trevor's spinning whip attack is a multi attack move, designed to do massive damage to one and or many enemies in a wide area of effect.  This move is especially useful for multiple opponents but is just as effective on a single opponent.  A player using this move, must remember that Trevor's spinning whip attack does not stun most enemies, so most enemies are free to counter attack at any time.  Timing is key to using this move effectively.  Trevor's spinning whip attack is unleashed after a player performs Trevor's whip attack, left hand punch, and spinning double kick.

Rapid Kick Attack:  Trevor's rapid kick attack is a multi attack move, designed to do massive damage and stun any enemy and or enemies multiple times.  Once this rapid kick attack move is performed on any enemy, very few enemies can recover to do a counter attack, until the rapid kick attack sequence has finished.  Trevor's rapid kick attack move is unleashed after Trevor's whip attack, left hand punch, and spinning double kick attack move, is performed by a player.

Uppercut Slash:  Trevor's uppercut slash is a mid air setup attack move that stuns any enemy and sets up any enemy for any number of Trevor's midair attacks.  Note that Trevor's mid air attack moves are effective against all flying and non flying creatures.  Trevor's uppercut slash involves Trevor launching himself up in the air while simultaneously slashing his whip upwards in an upper cut motion.  This deals damage to and stuns any opponent.  Trevor's uppercut slash is unleashed when a player performs Trevor's whip attack, left hand punch, and spinning double kick.

Spiral Attack (Vertical):   A devastating move, Trevor's vertical spiral attack is unleashed when a player performs Trevor's whip attack, left hand punch, spinning double kick, and uppercut slash.  Trevor's spiral attack move stuns any opponent and or group of opponents and does enormous damage.  Shockwave ripples can be seen on the spot where Trevor hits the ground with his vertical spiral attack, further displaying the power of this attack.  

Midair Triple Whip Attack:   A unique move, Trevor's midair triple whip attack is unleashed when a player performs Trevor's whip attack, left hand punch, spinning double kick, and uppercut slash.  This attack involves Trevor whipping any enemy up to 3 times while in midair.  Trevor's midair triple whip attack can also be the precursor to his devastating move the windmill drop.

Windmill Drop:  Trevor's windmill drop is unleashed when a player performs Trevor's whip attack, left hand punch, spinning double kick, uppercut slash, and midair triple whip attack.  Trevor's windmill drop is a multi attack move that involves a midair Trevor, spinning like a windmill and hitting an enemy or enemies multiple times.  This move is quite flamboyant and shows the extent of Trevor's acrobatic abilities.   

Spiral Attack (Horizontal):  Trevor's spiral attack move is a stand alone move that does the single most amount of damage to any enemy in the entire game.  This move sees Trevor launching himself in a torpedo like fashion, onto any enemy, doing massive damage.  Trevor's spiral attack is easily the most intimidating move in Trevor's arsenal of attacks.  This spiral attack move is especially intimidating to any player using Hector, when that player has to face a formidable Trevor Belmont boss character late in the game.