Triple Triad

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Triple Triad
Basic Information
Squaresoft, Square Enix
Squaresoft, Square Enix
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Triple Triad is the name of a minigame that revolves around using 2-dimensional square cards with a numerical value on each side on a 9 x 9 playing grid. The player can participate in card duels during the course of their adventure in Final Fantasy VIII by pressing the button while facing certain NPCs. The aim of the game is to achieve victory by causing enough cards to "flip" to their color, whilst maintaining control over as many of their own as they can; there are various mechanics and rules that affect the ability of the player to win.

If the player is able to get one copy of each card in the game, they are granted an in-game certificate. Additionally, the cards that the player acquires can be converted to items via a skill that can be learned by a GF. Such items may make certain aspects of the game easier, such as the fight against Omega Weapon.

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