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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Triangle Service]][[Category:Triangle Service]]
[[Taito Corporation
Triangle Service (DC)
Datam Polystar (PS2)
BBMF (i-mode]][[Category:Taito Corporation
Triangle Service (DC)
Datam Polystar (PS2)
BBMF (i-mode]], YM)
Vertical scrolling shooter
Vertical orientation, raster graphics
8-way joystick, three buttons
Arcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, i-mode, Yahoo Mobile and EzWeb
Main Credits
T.Fujino (producer and programmer)
NAOTO (sound)
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Trizeal is a Japanese shoot 'em up arcade game developed by Triangle Service.

Dreamcast version[edit | edit source]

It offers a score attack mode, a sound test mode and new stages that weren't in the arcade version.

Although this game is a Japan-only release it is quite "import-friendly" as there is some English displayed during game play.

The game was made by only three staff members and the console conversions were handled by only one person.

Shooting Love. ~TRIZEAL~[edit | edit source]

PlayStation 2 version is a compilation version that includes Trizeal and a demo of Shump skill test (Shooting Ginoukentei). In Trizeal, a fighter can now fire 30 Hz rapid shot and DADADA shot.

i-mode version only includes 2 stages in arcade mode and score attack mode.

TRIZEAL Remix[edit | edit source]

It is a version for Xbox 360 included with Shooting love. 200X compilation.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players control and can transform a spaceship into three forms, working through multiple levels and boss sequences. The game can be played in four different screen modes, with one mode mimicking the narrow arcade version. A ship from Triangle Service's previous release, XII Stag, is hidden in the game and can be unlocked by holding the "X" button before selecting a stage in Stage Attack mode.

There are 6 levels in the game, they get progressively harder until the last stage which consists of only two bosses. Two unlockable modes become available when the game is completed, they are Omake mode and Lifting mode. Omake mode is a short level which has denser bullet patterns than the normal game, lifting mode is where you have to juggle a stone on your ship to score points.

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Between the arcade and Dreamcast releases of Trizeal, the developer released a 'SOS statement' claiming the arcade game had suffered poor sales, and if TRIZEAL for Dreamcast did not sell well, the company would not be able to produce the next one. Furthermore, it also claimed it would not be a net-only release because it wanted the game be displayed in shops.[1]

Sequel[edit | edit source]

A sequel, Exzeal, is currently under development.

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