Tron: Solar Sailer

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Tron: Solar Sailer
Basic Information
Video Game
Shoot 'em up
Intellivision Controller
Retail Features
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Tron: Solar Sailer is a game released for the Intellivision. It is loosely based on Disney's motion picture TRON, and is one of four games released for that system that was designed to use the IntelliVoice voice module.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The first part of the game begins with the player writing down a code that the game gives the player as well as the sector number. The player then progresses to a gridlike area of energy beams that he flies the Solar Sailer, with spiders and tanks that hinder the player with melee and ranged attacks, respectively. Although the player can shoot these two types of enemies, doing so quickly drains their energy. Therefore, avoiding contact and dodging shots is often the most efficient way of navigating the grid. The player must be careful to watch the energy level of the beam that it doesn't get too low, because if it does, it's "end of line" for him. When the player reaches the correct sector, they may enter their code to move on to the next sector, where things get more difficult with Recognizers ready to pull the Solar Sailer away to a different sector.

The main objective is to reach the Master Control Program, where the second part of the game begins, the "decoding phase". To retain control, the enemy MCP must make continuous data transmissions. Large zeroes and ones will fly out at the player, who must intercept and capture them with Bit, then enter them correctly into a display. Stop enough transmissions, and the player will overload the Master Control Program...and win himself 50,000 points!

The cast of characters in this game (including those that have voices) include:

FLYNN... That's YOU, a video game designer trapped inside a computer system you created.

TRON... His voice reports beam energy levels for the Solar Sailer. TRON is on your side.

YORI... Navigator and your friend, her voice reports location of the Solar Sailer.

ALAN... Your friend & co-worker. His voice gives you vital access codes.

BIT... Floating data unit. His voice helps you by correcting you with "Yes" & "No".

MCP... Master Control Program, your tireless enemy all the way.

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