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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Team Terminator
Studio Groove Six]][[Category:Team Terminator
Studio Groove Six]]
Online First-person shooter
Online download
Keyboard, mouse
Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
ESRB: Mature
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TrueCombat:Elite (also known as TC:E) is a modification to first-person shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Developed by "Team Terminator" and Studio Groove Six, the modification - like Enemy Territory itself - is released as freeware. While Wolfenstein Enemy Territory takes place during World War II, TC:E modernizes all aesthetic elements of the game while preserving the fast-paced first person shooter style of gameplay which is often compared to Counterstrike. Also in common with Enemy Territory, True Combat : Elite is cross-platform software with clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. TC:E remains popular and components of the game including maps and weapons are under continuous development, although as of fall 2009 official development for the mod has ceased without any official notice (Last patch 0.49b was released in January 2007, and Coroner, the dev holding the rights for the source code is away without official leave).

Features[edit | edit source]

Game Types[edit | edit source]

  • Objective (Obj)Each player is deployed once per round. As a terrorist, one aims to arm a bomb or defeat all special operatives before a specific time period expires. As a special operative, one aims to prevent the terrorists from achieving their goals by killing all the terrorists or disarming their bomb.
  • Body Count (BC)Deployment comes in 10 second increments. Players that have been killed prior to a deployment are continuously redeployed. The game concludes at the expiration of a set period of time.
  • Capture The Flag (CTF, R-Obj) CTF simulates the game of capture the flag: teams try to bring a flag back to their base from across the map.. R-Obj is slightly different. In R-obj (known as Reinforced Objective) the goal is to capture as many areas (marked by flags) as possible before the time limit, or the elimination of either team.

Game Play[edit | edit source]

File:Weapons 301.jpg.jpeg
Playing game in Obj_Village.

Gameplay is entirely online.

Maps[edit | edit source]

The game has 6 official maps and many more custom maps. Official maps are:

  • Northport
  • Railhouse
  • Delta
  • Snow
  • Village
  • Stadtrand

The Return Of Coroner[edit | edit source]

March 21, 2010 Coroner posted on the official forums:

Hi all,

recently I started coding and modding a bit again in my sparetime. At the moment it is mainly an inhouse development of a TCE "mod" with the subtitle "Close Quarters Battle". Main goals are to fix what I don't like at current TCE anymore and to make it enjoyable for private LAN parties. Visual updates (similar to Cod4 without pixel shaders) are on the list, along with a complete revision of the weapon selection and gear system. Similar to Q3:TC, there will be slots and you can fill them with weapon addons (Aimpoint and supressors or Akimbo), grenades and perks/abilities to customize your character. AA will be gone. I also hope to reestablish CTF as a playable gametype.
Just as a sidenote, the unreleased content created by, e.g., Bruce and Liquid, is not lost, I have a backup of it and I am using it for the mod along with other high-quality weapon models from the CS(-CZ,-S) scene.

Anybody of the old team out there?

Cheers to everyone,


Since then other developers have resurfaced to show their support.

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