True Crime (series)

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True Crime
Basic Information
Luxoflux, United Front Games
Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

True Crime is a series of action games set from the perspective of law enforcement and published by Activision.

The first two games were developed by Luxoflux and are known for their GPS-accurate open world recreations of Los Angeles and New York City and "street crime" missions that randomly generate outside of the main police procedural storyline. A third game was under development by Luxoflux but then canceled after the lackluster release of True Crime: New York City.[1]

A new entry is being developed by United Front Games that reboots the series and takes place in a stylized (rather than GPS-accurate) open world of Hong Kong with an undercover detective as its protagonist.[2][3]

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