True Remembrance

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True Remembrance
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Shiba Satomi]][[Category:Shiba Satomi]]
[[insani (English version)]][[Category:insani (English version)]]
Visual novel
Keyboard, Mouse
Main Credits
[[Shiba Satomi]]
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True Remembrance is a free visual novel by Shiba Satomi. The game tells of a future where many people suffer from a pandemic depression known as The Dolor. In an unnamed city, specialized doctors known as Mnemonicides treat patients who suffer from The Dolor. The game's protagonist, a young Mnemonicide named Blackiris, is given the task of curing a young girl named La of The Dolor. The game was translated to English and released in February 2008 by Insani.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Like most visual novels, the gameplay consists entirely of reading text and clicking the left mouse button to advance the text. The text is accompanied by a still background, sprites of the characters in the foreground, whose expressions change during conversations but are not animated in any other way, music and sound. At certain points in the game, an event CG, an image of the current situation, is shown instead of a static background with character images in front of it.

True Remembrance also features an auto mode, which advances the text automatically so the player does not need to click, and a skip mode, which quickly skips through all text until either the player interrupts by clicking, or the game encounters text which has not yet been read by the player.

Unlike some visual novels, True Remembrance does not feature any decision points, where the player must choose between different options that may alter the story depending on the option chosen. Another feature that is common in visual novels but absent in True Remembrance is voice acting: none of the dialogue in the game is accompanied by the character's voice.

True Remembrance is also one of the rare free visual novels to have an animated opening movie, accompanied by a vocal song.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Blackiris - A young Class Alpha Mnemonicide working in the City. The game begins with him on his way to meet up with his new client, a girl named La. He is considered something of a prodigy, having graduated from his class at the Academy in only two years(the norm being anywhere from four to eight years). His powers are generally unrivaled within the City. He had a calm demeanor and is rarely fazed by anything.

La - A 17-year-old girl who comes to the City burdened with memories and secrets. She is Blackiris' client, and the two live together. She is sweet and loving, but not everyone realizes it, as her curt way of speaking causes her to come off as cold. Though she is Blackiris' client, she never actually speaks to him about getting cured.

Rook - A brash young man who works at a small café within the City limits. He tends to be very full of himself, claiming his place is the best out there. However, in truth, he is an extremely talented chef, though he rarely gets any customers. He is easy-going and an avid fan of games. He's one of the few people Blackiris trusts.

Analye - The legendary "Alpha of Omegas" ― one of the few Class Omega Mnemonicides in the world. Every Mnemonicide knows his name ― but few have actually met him. Most of the textbooks in the Academy's library were written by him, or under his supervision.

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