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Tuna Technologies

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Tuna Technologies is an independent games development company founded in 1996 by programmers Alex Amsel and Mark Fitt, specialising in creating games across a range of home computer and games console systems.

The company's first commercially release game was Xtreme Racing on the Commodore Amiga developed under their former company name Siltunna Software, released to critical acclaim. Since then, they have developed a large range of titles for notable publishers including Activision, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

Their most recent releases have focused on a 10-game publishing deal with Phoenix Games in Holland and these titles have been subsequently released in the UK through their low price Grab It label.

Games[edit | edit source]

Tuna Technologies has worked on over 40 titles either developing original games or under contract for publishers converting existing titles to different formats.

Games are listed in order of the year they were released and then alphabetical order. Publishers details are mentioned after the release date.

  • Xtreme Racing - Commodore Amiga (1995, Black Legend) - Racing Game
  • Alien Hominid - Game Boy Advance (2006, conversion for The Behemoth)
  • Doomsday Racers - PC (2006, Phoenix Games/Grab It) - Racing Game
  • Downhill Slalom - PC (2006, Phoenix Games/Grab It) - Sports
  • Fruit Fall - PC (2006, Phoenix Games/Grab It) - Puzzle
  • Snow Rider - PC (2006, Phoenix Games/Grab It) - Sports
Snow Riders is a 3D downhill snowboarding game for the PC featuring single and multi-player modes, and three main modes of play: A slalom race, a coin collecting mode, and a straight downhill race against the clock or up to 5 computer-controlled opponents.
The game was released through cut-price publisher Phoenix Games in Holland and subsequently released in the UK through the Grab It label.
  • Turbo Trucks - PC (2006, Phoenix Games/Grab It) - Racing Game
  • X-Treme Quads - PC (2006, Phoenix Games/Grab It) - Racing Game

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