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1'03" (0.4 m)
22.5 lb (10.2 kg)
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87.5% male, 12.5% female
Tiny Leaf
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Turtwig (Japanese ナエトル, Naetoru, Neatle in the original Japanese versions) is one of the 493 Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise.

Turtwig's name is probably a mixture of 'turtle' (Tur) and 'twig' (Twig). Neatle is most likely a mix between 'nae' which is 'sprout', and turtle.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Turtwig's body is green with a yellow colored lower jaw. The bottoms of Turtwig's paws are also yellow. At the top of its head, it begins to turn brown and a small seedling. Its shell is hard and brown with black stripes coming off of the black border. Its jaw resembles that of a snapping turtle.

The green for a shiny Turtwig is blue.

A Turtwig tends to be non-violent and friendly and will bite its trainer's head lightly as a show of affection.

The shell on a Turtwig's back is made of soil and will grow harder as it levels up and drinks water and are usually found in areas that are close to lakes.

In the Anime[edit | edit source]

Turtwig first appeared in the first Diamond and Pearl episode, a Maiden Voyage. It was owned by professor Rowan and was to be given to a trainer as a starter Pokémon, along with Piplup and Chimchar.

In episode five of Diamond and Pearl, Gettin' Twiggy With It, Ash captured his Turtwig.

Gardenia had a fast Turtwig, which appeared in episode 31, The Grass-Type is Always Greener.

Paul seems to have chosen Turtwig as his starter Pokémon, seeing as how he now has a Torterra. This is not confirmed.

In the Manga[edit | edit source]

Diamond owns a Turtwig, which he named 'Roo'. He evolved it into a Grotle.

In the Video Games[edit | edit source]

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Turtwig can only be obtained as a starter Pokémon. It evolves into Grotle at lv. 18 and then into Torterra at lv. 32

PokeDex Entries

Diamond Made from soil, the shell on its back hardens when it drinks water. It lives along lakes.

Pearl It undertakes photosynthesis with its body, making oxygen. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty.

Platinum The shell on its back is made of soil. On a very healthy TURTWIG the shell should feel moist.

In the TCG (Trading Card Game)[edit | edit source]


60 HP.


Retreat cost: Two Clear Energies.

Weakness: Fire Energy.

Resistance: Water Energy

Dex: 387

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Tackle (10)

Razor Leaf (20) One Grass Energy.

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