Two Crude

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Two Crude
North American arcade flyer of the arcade version.
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Data East]][[Category:Data East]]
[[Data East]][[Category:Data East]]
Beat 'em up, platform
Sega Mega Drive
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Two Crude, known in Japan as Crude Buster (クルードバスター?), is a side-scrolling platform beat 'em up arcade game developed and published by Data East.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The year is 2010. A nuclear weapon combined with chemicals made by a mad scientist explodes in the city of New York, turning many of the city's inhabitants into savage mutants willing to obey any command. The scientist establishes an organization he calls "Big Valley," consisting of these mutants and many advanced military weapons. He orders them to take the ruined city by force and refuse to let anyone enter. Desperate, the US government hires the help of two super-powered mercenaries to enter the city and eliminate the villains occupying it. Just to clarify,this never actually happened in 2010. I guess the game designers did not anticipate that the modern society would still ply the game today :)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players control the Two Crude Dudes (individually) by jumping, dodging and attacking their way through legions of enemies. Because the main characters are muscle-bound brawlers, they have the ability to pick up objects well beyond their own weight (e.g. cars and traffic lights) to use as weapons. While playing co-op, it is also possible for one player to pick up the other to use as a projectile. Players heal in real time by punching vending machines filled with "Power Cola," causing consumable soda cans to fall out.

Ports and related releases[edit | edit source]

Front cover of the European Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version.

The game was later ported to the Genesis/Mega Drive version; however, the North American and European versions of them were later retitled as Two Crude Dudes. The Japanese version of this port kept the Japanese arcade version's title unchanged.

The arcade version was later included in the compilation disc Data East Arcade Classics, along with other Data East arcade games bought by G-Mode after Data East's bankruptcy.

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